70 commerce studios

The photo, film, and sound stages located in Red hook, brooklyn.

 This new VK studio is very closely located to our EQ warehouse and studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn— thus, this studio offers clients exclusive and prompt access to both our equipment, and our highly efficient grip and production team.

  • Level One Qualified Production Facility

  • 10,000 square feet

  • 18 foot ceilings

  • South-facing, unobstructed daylight exposure

  • 100 foot cyclorama

  • 600 amps

  • Total black-out

  • Street access

  • Car clearance

Please see our site for more details on the space as well our additional services, including our three existing photography and film studios, sound stages, well-trained team able to assist with any and all production and grip needs, and our extensive range of EQ supplies.

Please contact us for more information regarding bookings and scheduling an on-site walkthrough.